Longridge Putting Line

Putting Line consists of two alignment rods connected by a 4m line. The string can be used in a variety of ways during practice, such as a reference for putt start line when green reading and putter face alignment at address relative to the putt start line. These are just a couple of the many ways the string line can be utilised. It's compact and will fit neatly into your golf bag for that last minute practice session, just before a round.

  • Push one end of the Longridge Putting Line into the ground behind the cup.
  • Push the other end into the ground so that the Longridge Putting Line remains taught
  • Practice your putts, using the string as your guide for alignment, vary between near or far putts
  • At the end of the practice session, remove the Longridge Putting Line and putt without it
  • See how your putting has improved!
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