Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens

Perfect your gripping technique to achieve maximum performance while preventing painful injuries. Grip it Rite attaches easily to your club and comfortably enforces correct hand and finger placements with a hand guidance fin, index finger and thumb comfort pads and thumb placement hole. A meter displays your grip strength, informing you whether it is too strong or too weak and allowing you to adjust accordingly. Grip It Rite non-slip dimpled rubber exterior makes it ideal for both practice and play, allowing you to improve your technique on and off the course.

  • Checks, corrects and reinforced a correct grip
  • Easy to fit and remove from your clubs for practice and play
  • Precision finger and hand placement
  • Strong-weak grip indicator lens
  • Easy flip up tab
  • Tough durable plastic flexes onto shaft
  • Index finger comfort pad
  • Thumb comfort pad
  • Rubber non slip over-mold with dimples for maximum comfort
Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens
Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens
Precision Lens
The precision lens at the bottom of the trainer allows you to see clearly where your grip is in relation to the club face to make adjustments.
Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens
Clips Onto Grip
Simply press the Grip It Rite onto the bottom of the grip and it will clip snugly onto this allowing you to take swings and replicate the feel of correct grip alignment.
Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens
Easy To Align
Once fitted it is easy to see how strong or weak your grip is on the club, the trainer is moulded to guide your hands to the correct grip position.
Grip It Rite Training Grip - Mens

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