Wellstroke Mat 12" deg

First flexible putting board on the market.
The Wellstroke is a motion putting guide mat that will enable you to reproduce the ideal gesture in putting. Tested and approved by Cameron McCormick, this simple but precise tool based on three different components to putt successfully: the ball contact, the aim and the speed control.

The mat has three main assets. It provides visual support, helping players to clearly identify technical errors and then correcting them. It also encourages visual memory. Combining visual and muscle markers, the trainings will be recorded and stored unconsciously in your mind. Finally, all of this will make you naturally competent, making your movements more automatic.

  • Compact and easy to store in golf bag
  • Use indoors with Welling-putt mat or outdoors on putting green
  • Size: 79 x 17.8cm
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Wellstroke Mat 12\
Wellstroke Mat 12\
The Wellstroke 12° is recommended by coach Cameron McCormick and suitable for most players.
Wellstroke Mat 12\
Muscle memory
The Wellstroke mat comes in 5 different degrees of arc, from 12° to 24°, and is designed to develop muscle memory of the key components behind great putting performances
Wellstroke Mat 12\
Daily training on your Wellstroke will enable you to master your technique, increase the precision of your strike, and ensure a perfect roll where you want it to go
Wellstroke Mat 12\

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