Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley

The Bagboy Volt Electric Remote Trolley is one of the most compact-folding remote controlled golf trolleys, folding small enough be lifted one-handed and designed to stand vertically or horizontally. It comes with a 36-hole lithium battery as standard which is hidden inside the frame!

The trolley is also very lightweight weighing only 13kg with the battery making it highly manoeuvrable!

This electric trolley comes with a full size multi-feature console that you normally only find on push trolleys, the console includes

Scorecard Holder, Mobile Device Holder, Ball Storage Compartment and a Remote Control Compartment, it also features a large accessory bag underneath the console and has a integrated drinks holder on the frame!

If you ever run out of battery power you can disengage the wheels from the motor easily and push it just like a manual push cart.

For golfers looking for an intelligent remote model which is light weight, compact and has console storage the Bagboy Volt is the solution!

  • Remote control with variable speed
  • Lightweight at 13kg with the battery - 36 Hole 24V Lithium
  • Colour display screen (speed, battery, milage)
  • Simple 2 step fold design
  • Compact 29” X 16” X 14.5”
  • Motorised Wheels
  • Full Feature Console with :-
  • Multi Feature Console
  • Ball Storage Compartment
  • Mobile Device Holder
  • Large accessory bag
  • Integrated drinks holder
  • E-brake
  • Uphill / downhill speed control
  • Distance setting/auto shut off

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Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley
Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley
The Next Generation of Trolley
Volt is the next generation for electric trolleys, moving away from bulky batteries, heavy frames and overall bulky size and offering a sleeker, slimmer model that unless someone told you can easily be mistaken for a push trolley!
Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley
Full Feature
Volt is a full feature trolley and provides ample storage for all of your golfing needs, the console has a large opening for your golf balls, keys, wallet, gloves and a storage compartment for the remote. Underneath the handle you also have a large storage compartment for anything else you want to carry with you!
Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley
36-hole lithium battery
The Volt has a slimline 36-hole lithium battery that slots seamlessly into the frame of the trolley and features a battery indicator, if the trolley runs out of battery as the motors are in each of the rear wheels it simply will dis-engage and can be used like a regular push trolley!
Bagboy Volt Remote Electric Golf Trolley

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