Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS

The T9 is the newest addition to the Voice Caddie T-series line. The T9 comes equipped with shot and putt tracking which keeps track of your score throughout the round so you do not have to. The full colour touch screen provides yardages to the front/centre/back of the green, and offers advanced features such as Active Green (improves accuracy), V-Algorithm 3.0 (slope calculation), Green Undulation (indicated with heat map and arrows show the break direction), Putt View (shows elevation and distance to the pin), Smart Green (touch pin-placement), and Course Views (yardages to hazards and bunkers). Practice anytime and anywhere with Practice Tempo mode to dial in your swing to perfection.

  • V-Algorithm 3.0 (Automatic Slope Calculation)
  • Practice Tempo Mode
  • Shot & Putt Tracking
  • Green Undulation data (Indicate with map)
  • Course Layout View (Yardages to hazard & bunkers)
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Customisable Pin Placement
  • Course & Green Zoom (2nd level)
  • Putt View - arrow show break direction
  • Completely Fee Free
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Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS
Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS
With “MyVoiceCaddie” app you can download the course data, automatic scorecard, app notifications and tempo swing
Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS
Auto Score
Your score automatically displays when you hole out
Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS
Swing Tempo
Displays your swing tempo after every shot
Voice Caddie T9 Watch & GPS

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