Lamkin Sink Fit PU Squaretop Putter

The New SINKFIT PU range leverages the benefits of lightweight polyurethane combined with Lamkin’s Fingerprint technology to provide maximum playability and performance throughout, with 4 different shapes available whatever your putting stroke or preferred grip there is a model to suit any golfer. The Fingerprint Polyurethane sleeve that features on the SINKFIT PU range gives superior traction with a soft feel in hand.

The SINKFIT Squaretop is designed with parallel sides and a square top which enhances “down-the-line” stroke control promoting squaring the putter face at impact. The Squaretop is best suited to golfers with slight and moderate arc-to-arc putting styles and traditional, overlapping and split palm grips.

  • Parallel side and square top enhances ‘down the line’ stroke control promoting squaring the putter face at impact
  • Fingerprint polyurethane sleeve for soft traction feel
  • Pistol with square top and parallel sides
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