Lamkin Sink Fit Deep -V Putter - Standard

The first and only putter grip with the feel, traction and durability of rubber, but lightweight characteristics of polyurethane. Perfect for players seeking a lightweight grip that will not rapidly degrade in tackiness or appearance as is common in polyurethane grips.

Proprietary Fingerprint Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with lighter surface traction The unique, ergonomic “V” shaped pistol-grip features a peak to create enhanced anchored traction and comfort A thin rubber sleeve made from Genesis Material is fused over a proprietary microlight underlisting to create the desired weight and feel Available in 2 sizes: Std and Midsize

  • Accentunated pistol V shape serves as a consistent hand placement guide to improve releasing the putter head at impact
  • Microlite underlisting
  • Fingerprint & genesis rubber sleeve for responsive feel
  • Accentuated pistol peak
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