Champ Zarma Tour Spikes (18 Pcs)

The Zarma spike is the latest spike in the Champ range, featuring a multi-layered design that provides maximum comfort without sacrificing durability. The soft middle layer acts as a soft cushion, sandwiched between a durable traction layer and rigid attachment layer to minimise impact while you walk the course while providing superb traction.

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The traction layer is constructed from strong, abrasion resistant urethane to provide excellent durability and longevity, able to handle whatever conditions you throw at it.
Whatever the conditions, Zarma spikes provide maximum traction and comfort and are designed to stay cleaner for longer so that it keeps performing at its best with minimal maintenance. A wear indicator lets you know when it is time to replace the spikes, while the reinforced wrench holes enable you to change them with ease. The spike has been designed to be green friendly so that you need not worry about damaging the course

  • 16 Champ Zarma Spikes
  • Tri-Lok thread
  • Maximum comfort on any course. Maximum traction in any weather.
  • Easy to change with re-enforced wrench holes
  • Designed to stay cleaner
  • Disk packed
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