Longridge Deluxe Scorecard Holder

Longridge's Deluxe Scorecard Holder features a luxury inner lining with a pocket to ensure your scorecard is kept safe and dry at all times. The pencil holder keeps your pencil handy so that you will never have to spend time searching your pockets for it again. The corners of the scorecard holder are capped to ensure a rigid construction and prevent the corners of the card bending. The holder measures at 105 x 175 mm so that it fits comfortably within your pocket. Domed logo, measuring 25mm (H) x 40mm (W) on front of Scorecard Holder.

  • Luxury inner lining with pocket
  • Includes pencil holder
  • Metal-capped corners to prevent bending
  • Nylon embossed rubber logo
  • 105mm x 175mm
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