The All-New 2021 Lignum Tee Range

Lignum Tee’s are able to offer the ideal choice to all players and support as many conditions as possible with five different tee sizes available - we guarantee there is a matching Lignum Tee for every club; Driver, Wood and Iron.
Since 2002 Lignum have worked long and hard to find out what to improve in order to create a product that improves on the design and functionality of the classic golf tee. After years of intensive research, they have succeeded in combining all the decisive factors in a single tee.

The #1 tee in Europe which is recommended by over 5 million golfers worldwide!

Lignum Tee’s are produced exclusively in Europe, where constant quality control and the latest technologies guarantee high standards. The close cooperation with the best golf pros in the world and an innovative team ensure that the Lignum Tee stays on the ball.
Boost Disc technology ensures the same tee height for every shot which is proven to significantly improve a golfer’s performance with a controllable play sequence because of the consistency which the disc creates.
The Eco line sets high standards concerning sustainability. The tee and the packaging are all biodegradable and made entirely in Europe. This is how Lignum can ensure CO2 consumption is kept to a minimum.
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