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#1 Tee in Europe

When we started developing tees, we questioned everything that makes a conventional tee. We have examined a wide range of designs, shapes and materials and spent a lot of time figuring out what our golf tee needs to meet. We have worked long and hard to see what we can improve to bring a product to market that dwarfs everything that has been done so far. After years of intensive research, we have succeeded in combining all the decisive factors in a single tee.

Eco Friendly

Next year an eco line will be released. With this new line we will set high standards concerning sustainability. The packaging will be biodegradable, we will cooperate with workshops for handicapped people. Moreover we will be able to reduce the CO2 consumption to a minimum.


Our main development objective was to create a new golf Tee that, in essence, significantly improves golf players’ performance. Golf players are very much aware of the importance of a controllable play sequence for good Tee boxing and drive. A further key ingredient is performance consistency. A Tee supports performance consistency if it can ensure the same golf ball height for every hit. Lignum Tee makes this possible. Its ring system has been developed with this key requirement in mind.

Perfect Height

The optimal height is a key ingredient for a longer Tee boxing and drive. Experience shows that it is close to impossible to achieve height consistency with traditional Tees. If too much time is used to fine tune the Tee height, concentration and play fluency are impaired. The Lignum Tee design objectives have been to eliminate these hindrances. Its ring system has been designed to quickly and easily put a Tee in the desired position at an ideal height


  • Co2 Friendly - 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable Tee
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Child labor free
  • Packed by disable workers
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