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A Good Putt Is The Result of Good Aim With Good Speed.

Wellputt original designs were created in order to enhance the golfer’s performance with innovative putting aids. Our company’s success is based on the original creation of outstanding putting aids through R&D, in pursuit of strengthening the player perception and feel, delivering modern and accessible products to all golfers, whatever their level. Over the years, Wellputt has become a leader of Golf Training Aids in the US, from a scientific understanding of golfers and athletic performance.


“The memory of space in fact calls on a memory of movement, this being based on body movements associated with visual points of reference” (Alain Berthoz)

improve putting skills

Wellputt mats are designed to improve putting skills for all golfers. Whether you are a beginner, an accomplished golfer, or even a professional, our products offer proven putting exercised that will lower your scores. Whether used for fun or serious practice, Wellputt is the Ultimate Putting Mat!


Wellputt develops putting training concepts in collaboration with Coach Cameron McCormick. For more than 10 years, our engineers and designers have been working to offer you the best quality products.

Alignment & Wellputt Zone

Providing all the tools for alignment and length training including Alignment aids for the putter face, Putter head stroke control to get through the ball, correct eye position over the ball and an alignment line along the mat to train accuracy


Exclusive putting exercises on your mobile phone! Because we always have our phone with us, we have developed a simple and intuitive application to access wellputt mat courses on your phone. More than 50 exercises Based on speed control and aiming. 3 challenging courses to fits all levels to become a putting master.


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