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Golf’s Original Grip Manufacturer

Established in 1925 when company founder, Elver Lamkin, began crafting premium leather grips in the garage of his suburban Chicago home. After more than 90 years, Lamkin is one of the most trusted and dependable brands in golf and a leading provider of golf grips to premium club manufacturers, Tour players, golf professionals and millions of worldwide golfers.

Lamkin Brand Ambassadors

Justin Rose "The more relaxed I can get my hands on the club the more I’m able to feel”
Perrine Delacour "The best-feeling grips I’ve ever played.”

Fingerprint Technology

Superior feel, superior performance, Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology distributes intricate and highly detailed micro textures on the grip surface to enhance traction and feel.

Genesis Material

A revolutionary golf grip innovation, Lamkin’s Genesis Material is a hybrid compound that delivers unparalleled performance, comfort and durability in all playing conditions.

Calibrate Technology

Calibrate is our biggest reminder ever and encourages: Optimal hand placement -Heightened club face awareness - Improved alignment - Maximum control for better shot making and is 40% more pronounced than other leading reminder systems.

Sinkfit putter

Our SINKFIT range combines traditional shapes with new technologies providing ergonomic putter grips that deliver exceptional feel, performance and enhanced accuracy.


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