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Golf's #1 Ball Retrieval System

IGOTCHA are the #1 selling Golf Ball Retrievers in the industry. The “Made in America” patented ball retrievers are popular for their patented shafts, head designs and easy locking devices. The innovative compact collapsible stainless-steel shaft makes it easy to store the ball retriever in the golf bag.

igotcha Jawz

The IGOTCHA compact Jawz offers a new Co-Molded rubberised surface to grip and hold the ball in place with a single piece head design with no moving parts. Available in 10ft, 14ft and 18ft

igotcha original

IGOTCHA’s unique ball retriever design is simple and effective to use. Available in 10ft, 14ft and 18ft yet its ultra-compact design allows it to be stored comfortably in your golf bag, collapsing to less than 21 inches. For that added reach, our Aluminium range extends to either 18ft or 21ft.


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