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  • Bag Boy takes the strain out of golf travel

    Bag Bag golf travel cover makes holidays easy Bag Boy T-2000 Golf Travel Cover

    Fantastic product video of the T-2000 can be viewed here>>

    Bag Boy has launched its latest and most innovative range of golf travel bags, which have been designed to take the hassle out of golf travel. Gavin Bunker reports…

    Since 1945 when Bag Boy was established, the brand has always been connected with innovation and quality. This perception has helped the brand elevate itself to be recognised as one of the biggest and most sought after names in golf throughout the USA and Europe.

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  • Voice Caddie Expands GPS Rangefinder Line with T2 Hybrid Watch

    Voice Caddie T2 Golf Watch The Voice Caddie T2 features auto shot and tracking ability and tracks your round so you can review it afterwards.

    Voice Caddie has announced the expansion of its existing GPS product range with the launch of the new T2 Hybrid Watch.  JS International, the UK golf distribution company, are proud to announce the release of the Voice Caddie T2 golf and fitness watch. A succession to the popular T1 GPS Watch, the T2 model encompasses all the successful aspects of its predecessor, as well as several exciting new features.

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  • CaddieOn will transform the way you look at your golf game

    CaddieOn Golf CaddieOn will change your golf game

    Watch the video to this fantastic product here>>

    CaddieOn is the game tracking system that will transform the game of golf. It is the latest and most technology advanced product to be introduced to the market and will change the way golfers analyse their round and discover how they can improve their scores. CaddieOn is a truly unique all in one shot tracking, analytical, auto scoring and GPS device that allows golfers to track their game, providing instant feedback after every shot but also in depth analyse of their whole round.

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  • The Clicgear 3.5 trolley gets rave reviews in the Professional Player Magazine

    PP10_Golf March 2015 professional player mag 3.5 review

    The Clicgear 3.5 trolley featured in the 'Golf Gadgets' section of the magazine Professional Player. This exciting publication which was first designed and written exclusively for footballers past, present and future is published by Ethrington Media Ltd, the brainchild of Matthew Ethrington, former Stoke City player and his father Peter Ethrington.

    The Clicgear 3.5 received glowing reviews from the magazine and is quoted as saying " Great thought has obviously been given to the design, not only is it the best looking cart around, it also features plenty of accessible storage, and even includes an attachment to hold your umbrella, thus keeping you dry and your hands free for pushing. It comes in a variety of colour combinations, and has a useful accessory list for those looking to pimp their ride".

    The full review can be read on the link above.

  • Bag Boy features in the latest issue of Pro Shop Europe

    Bag Boy has made its way into the Brand Focus section of Pro Shop Europe this month. A fantastic read that includes a Q&A with Bag Boy president Craig Ramsbottom and a detailed insight into the latest products hitting the UK market this year.

    Bag Boy Brand Focus- Pro Shop Europe Editorial April 2015

  • Voice Caddie – Swing Caddie SC100

    SC100-1 ver2

    The Swing Caddie SC100 is the must have product for any golfer that loves to practice. With a recommended retail price of just £219, this personal launch monitor has made ball flight measuring truly affordable; providing practice addicts with all the feedback they could want without the strain on their pockets.

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  • US brand Bag Boy returns to the UK


    Bag Boy, the golf bag, travel cover and trolley brand is about to hit the market in the UK and Ireland after a number of years of absence. With the help of golf distributor JS International, Bag Boy is about to make a real impact on the golf market this year.

    Established in 1945, Bag Boy the innovative bag, travel cover and trolley brand has risen to prominence and become one of the largest premium golf brands in the USA and throughout mainland Europe thanks to its quality and unique patented designs.

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  • Spring is here for Royal and Awesome

    RA Designs available 1 (2) - Copy

    Royal and Awesome’s eagerly awaited spring collection has finally been unveiled to the market. Its range of eye catching golf trousers, shorts and hats are ‘perfect for the pars and bars’ and sure to be another huge hit in 2015. As three of last year’s spring range featured in their top 5 bestselling products for the year; it is unsurprising that Royal and Awesome are sure their loyal customers will love the 2015 designs.

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  • Royal & Awesome at Five 5 Challenge


    Bob Warner and Andy Norris golfed across Britain in a camper van for the Five 5 Challenge!

    “We played five courses, in five countries in five days”

    We played four rounds in a day last year for the Macmillan longest day and decided to do something even bigger this year. First, we decided to increase it to five rounds in a day. But then we came up with the idea to do that for five days in a row... in five different countries. It sounded easy. But it tested our mental and physical powers to the limit. Not surprising when you consider we played 25 rounds, walked 125 miles (no buggies) and travelled over 1,000 miles. A lot of people thought we were bonkers, but we saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime challenge and never wavered after coming up with the idea.

    Click here to read the full article from Today’s Golfer:

  • Clicgear Model 8 won Silver Award for Today's Golfer Trolley Test



    Four years in the making, this four-wheel push trolley features a 4x fold technology that allows all wheels to fold for a compact storage size. The front wheels open wider as a result for greater stability.

    There’s no doubt the quirky four-wheel design offers great stability and helps the trolley track straight for a long period of time. The folding process is unique and once mastered takes well under 10 seconds. It’s sturdy, but still lightweight, making it easy to push up hills and the adjustable handle is a nice bonus.

    TG Rating: 8.5

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