ENERTOR Energy Baselayers can help increase energy levels due to the advanced Nilit® lnnergy energy return fibres.
Nilit® lnnergy yarn converts the naturally occurring thermo energy off the body into
Far Infra red Ray, the effects of which can, increase energy levels; strengthen performance and increase anaerobic limit during all sport activities.
EnergyKnit™ provides stabilisation of the fabric In relation to the body during physical activity.
EnergyKnit™ can also help prevent potentially unnecessary loss of energy and performance
Ventilation panels enhance breathability and help transfer moisture away from the body
From Enertor - the brand behind the insoles endorsed and worn by Usain Bolt - comes this range of energy baselayers. The products contain Nilit Innnergy energy return fibres can help increase energy levels by reflecting Far infrared Rays. The whole range features EnergyKnit areas for stabilisation and protection.
This highly technical clothing can be used for a all sorts of sport activities. The Energy Baselayer can help increase energy levels due to the advanced Nilit® lnnergy energy return fibres. Designed to be worn on its own or under further layers of clothing, can be worn all year round. Ventilated panels, EnergyKnit stabilisation areas, ergonomic fit and carefully knitted quality materials all provide superb comfort and performance. Engineered at the Intersocks R&D centre in Italty, leaders in technical accessories since 1979. Made with the highest quality materials and sophisticated ways of knitting, energy baselayers put energy into action to break your limits

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