Grasshopper Golf Backpack

Say farewell to large and bulky traditional golf bags. No more having clubs that rattle in your bag. The Grasshopper Golf Backpack is easy to carry on the back and to transport. By turning the clubs "up and down" - or actually in the right direction, with the club heads down in the lower part of the bag - you carry the clubs in an ergonomic and smooth manner.

All clubs are fixed to a back plate and placed with the shafts upwards. Anyone who is used to carrying a backpack realises that this is a much easier way to carry their clubs than using a traditional golf bag. With Grasshopper Golf Backpack, your golf game gets faster, more fun and it is easier to get to and from the golf course - even if you travel by bus, motorcycle or bike. Weighing only 3.2 kg and made of Ballistic nylon it is a lightweight solution. Holds 7 clubs and has compartments for balls, water bottle and bracket for umbrella

  • Transport your golf clubs with ease and then move quicker around the golf course
  • Carry the clubs in an ergonomic and smooth manner
  • Holds 7 clubs
  • Compartments for balls and water bottle
  • Bracket to hold an umbrella
  • Made of Ballistic nylon
  • Weight 3.2 kg

  • £299.00

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