Voice Caddie: Pushing the boundaries of golf technology!

Voice Caddie are the originators of the very first voice output GPS launched in 2010 from the South Korean based company, 12 years on from the initial release they are now the number one selling Golf Technology company in South Korea (the 3rd largest golf market in the world) and have been expanding heavily into the U.S.A and Europe.

Most people will know Voice Caddie for their award-winning line of personal launch monitors. The SC1OO was one of the first affordable units for the everyday golfer back in 2014 and gave them the option to truly analyse their game, now with the latest SC300i the evolution of the line-up has gone from strength to strength. A strong focus point over the last 6 years for Voice Caddie has been on GPS & DMD devices. as a powerhouse in technology, they wanted to introduce features that had never been done for the golf market and revolutionise the way golfers receive and interpret information while on the course. The demand for continuing innovation within the technology sector led Voice Caddie to think outside the box regarding what a device can do to help the everyday golfer. The introduction of Green Undulation to the T series of GPS watches was a statement to the golfing world that Voice Caddie mean business.

The Green Undulation feature shows golfers a heat map of each green on approach and when putting. this gives users unmatched knowledge to help plan shot choices and analyse the course. A more in-depth view is displayed when on the greens showing break directions, custom pin placement and even accurate yardages to the hole. When on the green the view will rotate with the user always providing the correct view, the gradients of undulation are displayed in 11 steps giving a real feel for the highs and lows of each green, you can even re- load the pin position to match the exact placement on the green for even more in-depth information. The advancements in technology doesn't stop there, most recently Voice Caddie launched their newest VAi system to their devices, this includes what they call the V-Algorithm which essentially provides highly accurate distances across complex terrains based on years of accumulated data of different clubs, di stances and trajectories from PGA and LPGA tour players, it is not just adjusted for elevation differences and factors in all of the above to give you the best information possible. Two of the current stand out products from the Voice Caddie line-up are the newest T9 GPS! Smart Watch and SL2 Hybrid GPS & Rangefinder, the SL2 was introduced at the start of the season to the LPGA and became the official sponsor & rangefinder of the LPGA, Epson Tour, LET & LET Access Series. The SL2 is the most advanced rangefinder to hit the market, from the technology & features included all the way down to the fit and finish, it is the most premium product Voice Caddie have produced to date.

SL2 is both a Rangefinder & GPS built into one unit without losing any of the features you know and love from either, integrating into its design a high-resolution touch screen below the scope it displays dynamic green undulation and course layout graphics along with highly accurate distance readings. In its scope is a bright multicolour OLED display with best-in-class optical clarity. The SL2 integrates slope compensation. Advanced stabilization, ultra-highspeed processor, and noise filtration to give highly accurate and ultra -fast feedback across the course. The latest launch in the Voice Caddie range is the T9 GPS! Smart Watch, T9 comes equipped with a new feature of shot and putt tracking which keeps track of your score throughout the round so you don't have to! It features a full colour reflective LCD touchscreen, yardages to the front/centre/back of greens and offers advanced features such as Active Green™, V-Algorithm 3.0™, Green Undulation Putt View. Smart Green & Course View. Another very useful feature is the tempo trainer allowing you to practice anywhere with tempo mode to dial in your swing to perfection.

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