The New Alignment Ball

The all new Alignment Ball is a 2 in 1 practice aid designed to help golfers with their alignment in a number of situations and can be used many different ways to help with your desired practice!

As a putting aid it can be easily fixed onto any green and can be used as a tool to guide your putting stroke or as a reference for straight line putts, as it can be easily moved and adjusted due to automatic winding it is the perfect putting drill companion.

For swing alignment it will help you check your stance in relation to your swing simply set up on the ground as either a single line or use 2 for parallel lines, set your body and club head to follow the same desired direction of the alignment ball and swing away!

The Alignment Ball features a magnetic easy open/close feature, automatic winding and is extendable to 5 meters, available in 3 different colour options blue, green and orange.

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