Rovic by Clicgear

Rovic has become a very popular addition under the Clicgear Industrial Design umbrella, Rovic offers the same high-quality design and functionality that the Clicgear range has become synonymous with but at a lower price point and has a more a more simplistic look. The Rovic range are manufactured at its own dedicated factory assuring quality control, the trollies offer solutions to many golfer’s issues meaning there is a Rovic that suits any golfers needs. RV1S – This model features a 360-degree swivel front wheel, a great solution for golfers who play on more contoured courses however this can also be locked to add stability where needed. With a stylish multi feature console and lightweight aluminium frame this really favours those looking for ease of mobility. RV1C – A very compact design better suited to golfers with limited space, folding down to just 60x33 CM. This model also features a handle brake system, built in accessory storage and new silicone bag straps a much-welcomed upgrade from bungee cord! RV2L – This model has been designed to keep superior build strength but reduce the overall weight at just 6.7kg a great option for those who struggle lifting their trolley from the car to the course/home. This also features the new silicone bag straps, built in accessory storage and compact one touch folding system. RV3J – An option for the junior golfers, very similar in design to the rest of the range but with a smaller frame and saddles positioned to fit most junior golfing bags, continuing the popular features as the rest of the range this is a perfect trolley for the avid junior. All the Rovic models come in a number of colours and options for added accessories.

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